Shunji Matsuoka

Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies, Professor
Program Sub-Leader (in charge of developing research)
Economic Integration and Sustainability

Research Career Database
Professor at Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies, Waseda University. He earned his PhD in Environmental Management from Graduate School of Biosphere Sciences, Hiroshima University. His specialties are Environmental Economics, Environmental Policy, International Development and Cooperation, International Environmental Cooperation, and Policy Evaluation. He became Professor at Waseda University in April 2007 after serving as Assistant Professor and Professor at Hiroshima University. He was invited to Malaya University as Visiting Professor in 1996 and American University as Visiting Researcher in 2000. He was also a Visiting Professor in Arid Research Center at Tottori University. His major Publications include Effective Environmental Management in Developing Countries: Assessing Social Capacity Development (Matsuoka, S. ed., Palgrave-Macmillan, London, 2007); IDE Spot Survey: Social Capacity Development for Environmental Management in Asia: Japan's Environmental Cooperation after Johannesburg Summit 2002, (Matsuoka, S. and A. Kuchiki eds., Institute of Development Economies, 2003) and others.

Achievements (since 2006 till 2012)

[ Paper ]
  1. Shunji Matsuoka, Capacity Development and Institutional Change in International Development Cooperation, Journal of Asia-Pacific Studies (Waseda University), No. 12 (March 2009), 2009, pp.43-73, PDF
  2. Murakami, K. and S. Matsuoka, Evaluation of Social Capacity for Urban Air Quality Management, Journal of Evaluation Studies, 8(2), 2008, pp. 65-81
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  5. Matsuoka, S., Capasity Development and Social Capacity Assessment (SCA), GIARI Working Paper, Waseda University Global COE Program Global Institute for Asian Rigional Integration, 2007
  6. Nurul, J., S. Matsuoka, and K. Tanaka, Firm's Environmental Compliance and Capacity Development: Empirical Findings from the Environmental Performance Rating Program (PROPER) in Indonesia, Journal of Environmental Information Science, 35(5), 2007, pp.1-10.
  7. Kaida, N. and S. Matsuoka, Interdependency of the Economy, Environment and Government Capacity: Examining the Structure of Japan's Environmental Problems in 1980s and 1990s, Journal of Environmental Information Science, 35(5),, 2007, pp.11-20
[ Book ]
  1. Matsuoka, S., Climate Policy and International Development Cooperation, in Sumi, A., N. Mimura, and T. Masui eds.,Climate Change and Global Sustainability: A Holistic Approach, UNU Press, Tokyo, 2011, pp.193-206
  2. Matsuoka, S., Effective Environmental Management in Developing Countries: Assessing Social Capacity Development, Palgrave-Macmillan, 2007
[ Others ]
  1. Tanaka, T. and S. Matsuoka, Reconsidering the Environmental Kuznets Curve: Geographically Weighted Regression Approach, Hiroshima University-COE Discussion Paper Series, Vol. 2007-8,, 2011, 17pp
  2. SAPS Team for JBIC, Matsuoka, S. ed., SAPS for the Bapedal Regional Monitoring Capacity Development (RMCD) Project, Republic of Indonesia, Final Report (JBIC/SAPS project final report),, Hiroshima University and Mitsubishi Research Institute, INC., 2007, 185pp

Presentations at international conferences (since 2006 till 2012)

  1. Oral presentation, Lee, Alice P., S. Matsuoka , 2011/06, Effectiveness of Regional Environmental Institutions: Study of Transnational Network, Leipzig, Germany,(Conference on Governance of Natural Resources in a Multi-Level Context)
  2. Oral presentation, Tanaka, K, and S. Matsuoka, 2010/10, the Effectiveness of International Environmental Agreements: Empirical Findings from Treaty-level Panel Data, Free Univ. of Berlin,(Berlin Conference on the Human Dimensions of Global Environmental Change)
  3. Oral presentation, Lee, Alice P., S. Matsuoka, 2009/12, Effectiveness of Regional Environmental Institutions: How to Build Analytical Framework, Holland(2009 Amsterdam Conference on the Human Dimensions of Global Environmental Change: Earth System Governance: People, Places and Planet)
  4. Keynote speech, Matsuoka, S., 2009/10, Climate Change and International Development Cooperation:Framework of Adaptation for Climate Change in Govi Region, Mongolia, (International Conference on Climate Change and Adaptive Capacity Development: Combating Desertification and Sustainable Grassland Management in Govi Region, Mongolia)
  5. Oral presentation, Matsuoka, S, & Tanaka, K., 2007/07, Valuing Urban Green Space in Japan: A geographically Weighted Conjoint Approach., Western Agricultural Economics Association Annual Meeting (Portland, Oregon)
  6. Keynote speech, Tanaka, K. and S. Matsuoka, 2007/02, Determinants of Environmental Performance in China: Spatial Econometric Approach, Wellington, New Zealand(International Association for Energy Economics International Conference)

Past research grants (since 2006 till 2012)

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