Rumi Aoyama

School of Education, Professor
Political Integration and Identity

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Professor, The Research Institute of Current Chinese Affairs, School of Education, Waseda University. She was a visiting researcher at the Stanford University from 2005-2006. She earned a Ph. D. in Law from Graduate School of Law, Keio University. Her specialty is Contemporary Chinese Diplomacy. Her Contemporary China's Foreign Policy (Gendai chuugoku no gaikou) was honored with the 24th Masayoshi Ohira Foundation Memorial Prize. Her other most recent publications include "Chinese Diplomacy in the Multimedia Age," in Kazuko Mori & Kenichiro Hirano eds., A New East Asia: Toward a Regional Community (Singapore: National University of Singapore, 2007); "China's Public Diplomacy, " in Shin Kawashima eds., China's Foreign Policy (Tokyo: Yamakawa Press, 2007) (in Japanese).

Achievements (since 2006 till 2012)

[ Paper ]
  1. Aoyama Rumi, "Sino-Japan Relations: Dynamics of Interdependence and Frictions", Zhang Yunling (ed.) Making New partnership: A Rising China and its Neighbors, Social Academic Press (China), 2008, 54-82
[ Book ]
  1. Gerald Curtis, Ryosei Kokubun, and Wang Jisi, "Changing Japanese Perceptions and China-Japan Relations", Getting The Triangle Straight: Managing China-Japan-US Relations, Japan Center for International Exchange, 2010, 247-268
  2. Aoyama, R., Making New Partnership: A Rising China and its Neighbors, Sino-Japan Relations: Dynamic of Interdependence and Frictions, Social Sciences Academic Press (China), 2008, pp.54-82
  3. Aoyama, R, Chinese Diplomacy in the Multimedia Age, in A New East Asia - Toward a Regional Community -, NUS Press, 2007
  4. Aoyama, R., A New East Asia: Toward a Regional Community, Kazuko Mori & Kenichiro Hirano eds. Chinese Diplomacy in the Multimedia Age., National University of Singapore, 2007, pp.156-182

Presentations at international conferences (since 2006 till 2012)

  1. Oral presentation, Aoyama, Rumi, 2009/12, "Sino-Japanese relations: from bilateral to multilateral?" , Sino-Japanese Relations: Rival or Partner for Regional Cooperation (International House of Japan)
  2. Oral presentation, Aoyama, Rumi, 2009/10, China's Public Diplomacy : Moving from Reactive to Proactive , The Rise of China and Japanese Responses: Towards a New Regional Order in Asia (Warwick-Waseda Workshop)
  3. Oral presentation, Aoyama, Rumi, 2009/02, "China in the Eyes of the United States and Japan ", Assessing China's Rise: Power and Influence in the 21st Century, MIT
  4. Oral presentation, Rumi Aoyama, 2008/04, Chinese Culture Goes Global? (Forum3: National Cuture and Regional Integration In Asia), National Culture Revisited

Past research grants (since 2006 till 2012)

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