Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies
International Relations, Ph.D.
Political Integration and Identity

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Professor, Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies (GSAPS), Waseda University. She earned her PhD from Department of History, Chicago University. Her specialties are History of International Relations and International Relations. She became Professor at Waseda University in 2004 after serving as Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Humanities at Keisen University, Assistant Professor in the Faculty of International Relations at Meiji Gakuin University, Assistant Professor at GSAPS. Major publications include Forgotten Crusade: The American Scholars of International Law in the Interwar Period (Tokyo: University of Tokyo Press, 2003) (in Japanese), "American Just War Theory," in Globalization and Empire (Kyoto: Mineruva Shobo, 2006) (in Japanese), "The League of Nations and International Order in the Interwar Period in After the Wars (Tokyo: Keiso shobo, 2008) (in Japanese), "American IR Theorists' Critique of War: Classical Realism and Structural Realism" Shiso No.1020 (April 2009) (in Japanese)

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