Tomoko AKO

SILS, School of International Liberal Studies, Waseda University, Associate Professor
Social Integration and Networking

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AKO, Tomoko is Associate Professor of School of International Liberal Studies at Waseda University. Her research interests include empowerment of socially vulnerable people such as HIV/AIDS positives, women, elderly people and children, with a particular focus on China. She has conducted research on migrant workers, HIV/AIDS victims who contracted the virus through blood selling and transfusion, building of social capital in rural development, and so on. Her current publications include Chinese Rural Women's Social Participation, Network Building and Community Development: A Study on Market Economy Training Program for Rural Women in Beijing's Rural Women's School. Globalization and Economic Development in Chinese Inner Regions (Sichuan People's Press, August 2005), Chinese Education under the Socialist Market Economy: Issues of Education for Migrant Children from the Perspective of Political Economy (The Political Economy of Education Reforms and Capacity Development in Asia Monograph Series No. 2, Nagoya University, Graduate School of International Development, March 2006), Social Problems in Rural China. Analyzing the Gigantic Country, China under the Globalization (North East Asia Research Center, Ohbilin University, March 2006), Power Structure and Guanxi Network in Rural China. Chinese Social Changes in the New Stage of Post-Deng Era (Kyuko Shoin, March 2008), What is the Root of Corruption and Economic Disparity? : Black Prison, Blood Selling, Household Registration System. RATIO 5: Problems of China (Kodansha, June 2008), and Predator of the Poor: Lessons Learned from China's Economic Disparity and Social Inequality (Shinchosha, 2009).

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  1. Keynote speech, Tomoko Ako, 2010/02, "Human Rights Issues of Migrant Workers in China", The 6th Annual Workshop for Young Human Rights Activists, Korea University, Seoul, South Korea

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