Asia Fellow (RA)

Kim Yoomi

Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies(GSAPS)

Asia Fellow (RA)
Economic Integration and Sustainability

Asia Fellow (RA) 2010.10.01-
Japanese Government Scholarship

Achievements (since 2006 till 2012)

Presentations at international conferences (since 2006 till 2012)

  1. Poster presentation, Yoomi, Kim, 2011/07, QUANTITATIVE ANALYSIS OF THE EFFECTIVENESS OF INTERNATIONAL ENVIRONMENTAL AGREEMENTS: Lessons for Further Sustainable Development , 12th Association of Pacific Rim Universities Doctoral Students Conference (APRU DSC), Tsinghua University, Beijing, China
  2. Oral presentation, Yoomi, Kim, 2011/05, Quantitative Analysis of the Effectiveness of International Environmental Agreements, Waseda University Doctoral Student Network (WUDSN), Waseda University
  3. Oral presentation, Yoomi, Kim, 2010/06, Quantitative Analysis of the Effectiveness of International Agreements: A Review of Trends and Lessons for East Asian Cooperation, Student Seminars with Guest Speakers, Waseda University Organization for Japan-US Studies

Past research grants (since 2006 till 2012)

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