Tran Van Tho

Graduate School of Social Science (Major in Global Society)
Economic Integration and Sustainability

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Professor, Graduate School of Social Sciences, Waseda University. He received his PhD in Economics from Hitotsubashi University. He specializes in international economics, development economics and Vietnamese economy. He is concurrently serving as Chairman of the Hanoi-based Vietnam Asia-Pacific Economic Center (VAPEC), policy board member of the Japan Forum for International Relations, and Director of the Vietnam Research Institute of Waseda University. In the past, he also served as a member of the Advisory Group on Economic and Administrative Reforms of Vietnamese Prime Minister Vo Van Kiet and Policy Research Committee of Vietnamese Prime Minister, Phan Van Khai. His major publications include Industrial Development and Multinational Corporations: The Dynamics of Asian Pacific Region (Toyo Keizai Shinposha, 1992); Development of the Vietnamese Economy (Nikkei Shinbun, 1996); Asian Economy and Japan (co-author, Nihon Hyoronsha, 2001); Dynamics of East Asian Economies and the Path of Vietnam's Industrialization (2005, in Vietnamese).

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  1. Tran Van Tho, Vietnamese Gradualism in the Reform of the State-Owned Enterprises: The First Phase of Doi Moi, Chapter 5 in Shinichi Ichimura, Tsuneaki Sato and William James, eds., Transition from Socialist to Market Economies: Comparison of European and Asian Experiences, Palgrave Macmillan, 2009

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