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Political Integration and Identity


GIARI“Political Integration and Identity” Seminar: "The Evolution of China's Security Studies"
by Prof. Yu Tiejun (Peking University)


"The Evolution of China" by Prof. Yu Tiejun (Peking University)

Dr. Yu Tiejun received his bachelor’s degree and Ph.D. from Peking University. He is currently an associate professor at the university’s School of International Studies and general secretary of the Center for International and Strategic Studies, Peking University (CISS). His academic interests cover international relations theory, international security, and China-U.S.-Japan relations. He has published many articles in these fields. He is also the Chinese translator of Arnold Wolfers’ Discord and Collaboration: Essays on International Politics (World Affairs Press, 2006) and Jack Snyder’s Myths of Empires: Domestic Politics and International Ambition (Peking University Press, 2007). Dr. Yu was a research student at the University of Tokyo in 1998-2000 and a visiting scholar at the Center for International Security and Cooperation at Stanford University and the Fairbank Center for East Asian Research at Harvard University in 2005-06.

■Time: Nov. 17 (Wed) 13:00-14:30
■Place: Waseda University Building No. 19, Room 710
■Language: English (No Translation)
■Pre-registration is not required / Admission Free

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The Evolution of China by Prof. Yu Tiejun (Peking University) Prof. Yu Tiejun (Peking University) Prof. Yu Tiejun (Peking University) Prof. Yu Tiejun (Peking University) and Prof. Chikako Kawakatsu UEKI