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PEKING UNIVERSITY DAY-SPECIAL LECTURE "Implications for the World China's Peaceful Development and Unipolarization"/ Jia Qingguo


“Peking University Day” Special Lecture

This event was held on November 12, 2007 to express gratitude and respect toward Peking University, which hosted “Waseda University Day” in December 2005. We invited President Xu Zhihong, who had been awarded the position of Honorary Doctor of Science by Waseda University, famous researchers, and postgraduates from Peking University to attend lectures, seminars, and receptions. In particular, a lecture meeting given at Waseda University Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies (GSAPS) by Professor Jia Qingguo, Associate Dean of Peking University School of International Studies, drew a large audience.

Professor Jia Qingguo

Associate Dean, School of International Studies, Peking University