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International Human Rights Symposium: “Human Rights of People with Disabilities in Developing Countries: Towards Self-Support of People with Disabilities”


Date: June 17 (Tue.), 2008, 6:00 PM-8:30 PM
Venue: Ono Auditorium (B1F, Building No.27, Waseda Campus), Waseda University
Enrollment: 200
Fee: Free
Advanced Registration Required: by phone or through webpage (URL below)
Contact: AAR Japan (authorized NPO)
TEL: 03-5423-4511, FAX: 03-5423-4450
* English-Japanese simultaneous interpretation provided


Do you know the status quo of disabled people living in developing countries?
We would like to convene a symposium, inviting front-line personnel dealing with self-reliance support in Afghanistan, Myanmar (Burma) and Laos, who themselves have a disability.

While a whole society may be impoverished with poorly-developed infrastructure, developing countries also have insufficient social security programs including insurance and disability pensions. The disabled are situated under challenging conditions to which extent we cannot imagine. These situations will be reported by personnel actually dealing with support for the disabled in Afghanistan, Myanmar (Burma) and Laos.

The keynote lecture is provided by Ms. Yukiko Nakanishi, a pioneer of disability problems in Asian developing countries. The moderator will be Dr. Yasushi Katsuma, Professor at Waseda University.

This is a prime opportunity to learn about disabled people in developing countries whose situation is rarely broadcast in Japan, and an opportunity to think about the difficulty and importance of disability-supporting activities. We welcome the participation of those who have an interest in disability problems and international cooperation.

◆Keynote lecture: Ms. Yukiko Nakanishi (Director, Asia Disability Institute)
◆Moderator: Dr. Yasushi Katsuma (Professor at GSAPS, Waseda University)
◆Panelist: Mr. Yoshito Tsuchihashi (Japan Bank for International Cooperation)
◆Presenters (English-Japanese simultaneous interpretation provided):

Mr. Aziz Ahmad Adel (Age 36; project manager at a professional school for physical therapy in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan)

Mr. Myat Moe (Age 36; lost her right leg due to a landmine in 2000; in control of the staff of a beauty and barber course at a disability vocational training school run by AAR Japan in Burma)

Ms. Khemphone Thongsythavong (Age 32; has a disability in her left leg due to the effects of poliomyelitis; an NGO worker serving vocational training for the disabled in Laos)

Ms. Sirisomsouk Sundara (Age 34; after her son’s cerebral paralysis, she established a child-care institution in Vientiane, Laos)