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International Colloquium: “Historical Reconciliation in East Asia”


International Colloquium:
"Historical Reconciliation in East Asia"
Dec. 19, 2009
Waseda University

December 19th, 13:00p.m.-17:00p.m.
(#710, 19gokan building, Waseda campus)
Presentation in English (No Interpreter)
Admission Free / No Pre-Registration Required

The International Colloquium:
"Historical Reconciliation in East Asia,"

Keynote Speech:
Kwak Jun-Hyeok (Korea University, Korea)
"Historical Reconciliation and Inherited Responsibility"

Presentation 1:
Lee Na-Young (Chung Ang University, Korea)
"Postcolonial Feminist Critique on the Trans/National Regime to Constitute 'Comfort Women': Can We Move beyond the Boundaries?"

Presentation 2:
Wu Rwei-Ren ( Academia Sinica, Taiwan)
"Pariah Manifesto, or the Moral Significance of the Taiwanese Tragedy"

Presentation 3:
Kazuma MAETAKENISHI (Lecturer, Waseda University)
"Historical Reconciliation from the Perspective of Okinawa"

Tze May Loo (University of Richmond)
Satoshi AMAKO (Leader of GIARI, Waseda University)
Lee Yong-Chul (Waseda University)
Motokazu MATSUTANI (Waseda University)
Naoyuki UMEMORI (Moderator and Organizer, Waseda University)