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Cultivating Talented Individuals:Summer School

Joint Summer School 2007, Soul National University, Peking University and Waseda University


Summer School

In 2007 GIARI, Peking University, and Seoul National University held a joint summer seminar on Asian integration. The three-week seminar consisted of three one-week sections, and was hosted in turn by Seoul (July 29 - August 4), Waseda (August 5 - 11), and Peking (August 12 - 18). Each university sent 10 students, most of whom were postgraduates, to the seminar.

Lectures revolved around topics on various political, economic, social, and inter-disciplinary issues in Asia, Japan's comprehensive understanding of those issues as well as her role in solving them. In addition, seminar-style debates were conducted. These lectures prompted all participants to recognize various problems in Asia, helped Korean and Chinese students correctly and objectively understand Japanese attitude, and vice versa.

Program in SOUL

    Monday, July 30
  • Lecture I: Korean Politics in Transition
    Chan-Wook Park, Professor, Department of Political Science,SNU
  • Lecture II: Inter-Korean Relations
    Jin Hyun, Paik, Professor, GSIS, SNU
    Tuesday, July 31
  • Lecture III: Korean Economy and Globalization
    Lee Kyung-Tae, President of KIEP
  • Lecture IV: Korean Firms in a Globalizing World
    Hwy Chang, Moon, Professor, GSIS, SNU
  • Lecture V: Banks and Financial Markets in Korea
    Hwang YoungKee, former CEO, Woori Bank (to be confirmed)
    Wednesday, August 1
  • Field Trip to the DMZ
    Thursday, August 2
  • Lecture VI: European Political integration and its implication for Asia
    Jae Seung, Lee, Professor Korea University
  • Lecture VII: Regional Integration in Europe and Asia Compared
    Woosik Moon, Professor, GSIS, SNU
  • Dialogue with Mr. Brian Mcdonald, Ambassador, EU delegation to Seoul
  • Lecture VIII: Korea and Security Cooperation in Asia
    Dr. Seo-Hang, Lee, Dean for Research, IFANS
    Friday, August 3
  • Lecture IX: Korea and Economic Integration in Asia
    Tae-Ho Park, Dean and Professor, GSIS, SNU
  • Workshop on Regional Integration in Asia (I)
    Moderator: Cheong Yong Rok and Cheol Hee Park, Professors,GSIS, SNU
  • Field Trip to the Samsung Electronics

Program in WASEDA
"Regional Cooperation in Asia and The Role of Japnan"

    Monday, August 6
  • Lecture I: Human Security in Asia and The Role ofJapan
    YasushiKATSUMA, Asoociate Professor, Department of Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies
  • Lecture II: From public memory to transnational history
    Hatsue SHINOHARA,Professor, Department of Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies
    Tuesday, August 7
  • Lecture III: Regionalization in East Asia and Japan's FTA Strategy
    Syujiro URATA,Professor, Department of Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies
  • Lecture IV: Japan's economic reform and its opportunities for East Asian Economies
    Yukiko FUKAGAWA,Professor, Department of Political Science
    Wednesday, August 8
  • Field Trip to Yasukuni Museum and Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
    Thursday, August 9
  • Lecture V: Japan's Security Policy and Regional Security
    Chikako(Kawakatsu)UEKI,, Asoociate Professor, Department of Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies
  • Lecture VI: Japan and Evolution of Asian Regionalism: Responsible for Three Normative Transformations
    Takashi TERADA, , Asoociate Professor,Organaization of Asian Studies
    Friday, August 10
  • Lecture VII: Perception of Foreign Countries and "Asian Consciousness"in East Asia
    Shigeto SONODA ,Professor, Department of Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies
  • Lecture VIII: The East Asian Community and the Role of Law
    Takao SUAMI ,Professor, Department of Graduate School of Law

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