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HAY Hunleng / Investigation Area: Phnom Penh, Cambodia


In the course of urban development, Cambodia is challenging with slum resettlement and slum upgrading. Actualluy, slum settlements in Cambodia are not new phenomena;however,it has always been very sensitive issues due to displacement in recent years.

Each and every time of eviction the poor has never been provided better condiction than what they used to have in slum.Moreover,those people have been abused on many aspects of human rights, for example,right to adequate housing,right to development and etc.

The poor always claim for their right to remain in their slum;unfortunately, the government and investment companies do not pay attention to them but force to move away.Usually,after eviction,slum dwellers are being marginalized and restricted from accessing to necessary infrastructure and basic services.

The tendency of eviction is not going to stop anyway;it will continuously take place within a time frame of unpredictable future and places.Since 1990's,some of small and large urban poor communities including thousands of poor people have been evicted in order to empty the land for development,city beautification,construction of infrastructure and etc.

Whatever reasons,vulnerable people are subject to suffer,affect,and traumatize as victims of development as well as do not have right to access to the development.That means, by law,they have lost their right to get secure tenure on occupying the land and do not receive a fair and just compensation from claimants or authority.