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GIARI Bunko is a collection of publications offered by the Waseda University Global COE Program, Global Institute for Asian Regional Integration (GIARI). As a center of research and higher education that focuses on Asian integration, GIARI has two aims: to comprehensively study the region’s integration and to develop competent professionals who will contribute to cooperation and consolidation within Asia.

Based on the GIARI Reading List (→See GIARI HP), GIARI Bunko offers must-read books related to integration in Asia. About 360 titles on the fields of politics and security, economics, society and culture, and cross-disciplinary/multi-disciplinary studies such as environmental protection and human rights are available for use in the library.

List of GIARI Bunko[614KB](Jun. 1st, 2010)

How to Borrow

  • Submitting application form the to GIARI Office, after reading the list of GIARI Bunko on the web and writing the reference number (ex. P-E-047) and the book title(s) on the application form. (The substitute can submit it, the from being sealed)
  • Going to the circulation desk on the 8th floor after GIARI officer sealing the form.
  • Only members and fellows of GIARI and GSAPS faculty can borrow.
  • Application form (word file)[43KB]