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Pramila Neupane / Investigation Area: Kathmandu and Thokarpa VDC of Sindhupalchowk, Nepal


Affiliation: GSAPS, Waseda University
Year: 2009/10 (D1)
Name: Pramila Neupane
Itinerary: 12/10/2009 - 01/16/2010 (Month/Date/Year)

Destination (Name of city and country)

Kathmandu and Thokarpa VDC of Sindhupalchowk, Nepal

Research objectives

  • Collect the data on education from all the schools of Thokarpa VDC in Sindhupalchowk district of Nepal. (VDC-Village Development Committee- is the smallest administrative unit in Nepal)
  • Conduct a survey to collect first hand data from high school students of the rural village of Nepal.
  • Visit the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) Secretariat in Kathmandu for collecting education related data of the region.
  • Visit the country offices of UNICEF, UNESCO and World Bank to collect the data/materials on girls' education initiatives.
  • Visit Ministry of Education and other government institutions.

Research project

Project Title: "Problems and Prospects of Girls Education in Asia: A case study of Nepal".

Brief Description:
Gender disparity in education is hindering overall development of many Asian countries and this is concentrated in most of the countries of South Asian region. In this context, this project research aims to explore the patterns and reasons of gender disparities in education field in terms of girls' education in Nepal. It explores a case of one of the rural village of Nepal researching the problems of girls' education and its possible solutions. This will be an example for the Asian context as problem of girls' education in Asia is largely concentrated on rural area of poor countries.


This field research was very much fruitful in collecting education related data for my research project. Specific achievements are as follows:

  • At first, I visited a Resource Centre in Shree Bagh Bhairab Higher Secondary School in Thokarpa VDC. I discussed about education projects and data availability in education with Resource Person. All the schools of Thokarpa VDC, including a private boarding school, report their progress to the resource centre.
  • In the next step, I visited all five schools of Thokarpa VDC and requested the schools to provide the data in a week. I collected the requested data from all the schools in my second visit after a week.
  • I conducted a questionnaire survey among the high school students of two schools, which will be one of the crucial materials to complete this research project. School administration and teachers in the schools were very much helpful during the survey process.
  • I visited the SAARC Secretariat at Kathmandu and collected the relevant documents and data. Current educational projects and possibilities and prospects of educational integration in the region were also discussed with concerned officials.
  • The visit to UNICEF and UNESCO country offices was helpful to collect the relevant materials to my research project and to know about the current joint education initiatives.
  • Finally, I visited the Department of Education to collect the government's data/publications.

Confirmed by person in charge of project promotion (signature and seal)

Academic Adviser: Prof. KURODA, Kazuo