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Lee, Alice Park / Investigation Area: Leipzig, Germany


Affiliation: GSAPS
Year: Ph.D. 2nd Year
Name: Lee, Alice Park
Itinerary: 1/18/2010 - 1/23/2010 (Month/Date/Year)

Destination (Name of city and country)

Leipzig, Germany

Research objectives

  • To attend Conference on Governance of Natural Resources in a Multi-Level Context, hosted by Marie-Curie Research-Training Network GoverNat.
  • As a presenter, in order to understand inside evaluation of European regional environmental governance. (I was the only participants from Asia, almost all rest was from various European countries)
  • As a researcher and a person who is going to pursue career in policy advisor, in order to share idea about the direction of international environmental cooperation between developing countries and developed counties.

Research project

The Effectiveness of Regional Environmental Institutions: Intergovernmental Air and Marine Management Institutions in Europe and Asia The transnational network within regional environmental institutions categorize the focus areas into regional and area-specific impacts of air pollution, marine and basin pollution, acid rain and yellow wind, and habitat and ecosystem conservation for wild animals and plants. In many cases, regional boundaries share similarly strong impacts on the same environmental issue, becasue they are mutually interdependent geographically and ecologically. However, regional environmental institutions are often related to non-environmental matters such as political disputes or economic cooperation. The research project is to find answers to solve the cooperartion problems that many Asian countries experiencing through regional and international environmental institutions. The objective of the research project is to ascertain potential way to improve effectiveness of international environmental institutions.


Conference on Governance of Natural Resources in a Multi-Level Context had interdisciplinary approach to the resource management in environmental governance. By learning from other scholars who were trying to link between science and environmental politics, I could understand how the concern for environmental institutions will shift as the institutions go forward. I could have clearer understanding where the development stage of Asian regional environmental institutions have, and what topic should be considered in order to build effective institutions in Asia. It was also an achievement that my presentation could let European scientist and scholars to exercise their idea to cooperate with developing countries. Throughout some Q&A session, I demonstrated the improperness of single-pattern-assumption towards developing countries. I believe my presentation about understanding Asian states' participatory method and motivation in environmental cooperation could bring European scholars to realize some important points that they have to reconsider for the further effort to become a leader in environmental governance of the world.

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Academic Adviser: MATSUOKA, Shunji