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Ferdous Farazi Binti / Investigation Area: Savar, Dhaka, Bangladesh


Affiliation: GSAPS, GIARI RA
Year: D1
Name: Ferdous Farazi Binti
Itinerary: 02/09/2010 - 03/18/2010(Month/Date/Year)

Investigation Area

Savar, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Research objectives

At this preliminary stage of my research, the objective of my field research was:
  1. To visit University of Dhaka, Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies, Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics and civil society think tanks; to learn more about the relevance of my research project and collect references that would give me food for thoughts and also collect data for further investigation on my topic, Asian Regional Integration: Paying Particular Attention to the Economic Regional Cooperation through Trade, involving South and East Asian Countries.
  2. To discuss and build network with scholars and researchers of Bangladesh who have similar research interest on relevant topic and finally write a paper, focusing Bangladesh-a case study.

Research project

  • In my research I will try to find out the role of South Asian countries, including my own country Bangladesh, in the process of economic integration among East and South Asian regions through proper solutions and strategies, to build a level playing field for trade and economic partners. The study will discuss the context of East Asian Integration which is trying to include India as a member (ASEAN+6), and argue that if India be the member of the integration give justification that the whole region of South Asia cannot be left behind. Therefore to understand the broader concept of Asian Regional Integration and Regional Cooperation, further research on South Asian economies are inevitable to realize the full economic cooperation and benefits within the region, in a sustainable manner.
  • Moreover, I intend to learn about the problems and prospects of export diversification of Bangladeshi products in the international market and to find new markets for further penetration; considering existing FTAs in the region and involvement of Bangladesh and neighboring countries in the regional FTAs.


  • I visited the University of Dhaka and discussed with faculty members of the Department of Economics. They gave me useful information, references and ideas for further research.
  • Also discussed with research fellows of Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies (BIDS) about my project and collected important references.
  • Collected latest published statistical data from Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS).
  • Interviewed and discussed with senior research fellow of Center for Policy Dialogue (CPD), a civil society think tank, where I collected references like Bangladesh in the Global Trade Regime and more on international trade and regional economic integration.
  • Interviewed and discussed about Asian Regional Integration with the executive director of South Asian Network on Economic Modeling (SANEM), where I obtained useful information about the topic of Asian Regional Integration and also collected important references.
  • Visiting a few export oriented garments factories and buying houses gave me practical knowledge on the current situation of them. Interviewed with the owner and officials about potential market for diversified goods and trade prospects of Bangladeshi products. Additionally, gathered data on their products and markets. Also interviewed trade entrepreneurs of Bangladesh on the topic of potential markets for Bangladeshi goods and constraints they are facing on their business.
  • Visiting Aarong export section, which is an enterprise of Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee (BRAC), the largest non-governmental development organization in the world, gave me the opportunity to collect data and information about current situation on exportable goods other than garments and textiles of Bangladesh that they are dealing with.

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Academic Adviser: Shujiro URATA

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