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Jeet Bahadur SAPKOTA / Investigation Area: Monterey, Los Angeles, USA (Presentation at ASPAC 2009)


Affiliation: GSAPS, Waseda University
Year: 2009 (D2)
Name: Jeet Bahadur SAPKOTA
Itinerary: 06/16/2009 〜 06/23/2009 (Month/Date/Year)

Destination (Name of city and country)

Monterey, Los Angeles, USA

Research objectives

During my working hours in GIARI as a Research Assistant I complete my second research project and wrote a paper. Thus, it was worthwhile to present my work in international conference to get due response from other scholars in the same field. Therefore the objectives of this investigative research are as follows;

  • To present the research paper in the "43rd annual conference of the Asian Studies on the Pacific Coast (ASPAC) 2009" at the Soka University of America, California, USA and to get the feedback on it.
  • To make the research output more acceptable to international academic community by incorporating the comments and suggestion by the participants from different parts of the world.

Research project

Title:- Does Globalization Affect Human Development, Gender Development and Poverty? Evidence from the KOF Index of Globalization

Main purpose of this research project is to assess the impact of globalization on the human development, gender development and human poverty in developing countries. To achieve this aim, I used the globalization and human development indexes from 1997 to 2006 for 124 developing countries and applied the panel data analysis techniques, particularly the random effect model to analyze the data. As an output, a journal paper has been written which is presented in the conference mentioned above. The achievement of the project is explained in the next section.


The research project is successful to meet its objectives. The paper was presented in the "43rd annual conference of the Asian Studies on the Pacific Coast (ASPAC) 2009" at the Soka University of America, California, on 20th of June and got valuable comments and suggestions. Brief explanations of the achievement of this research project are as follows;

  • The paper has been selected as the best paper among all the papers presented by the graduate students mostly from US universities and awarded by the John and Mae Esterline Prize with the cash prize of $300.
  • The paper is also approved for the publication in the Peer-Reviewed Electronic Journal E-ASPAC.
  • After the presentation there was a lively question and answer session. Several professors and PhD students from various universities provided very useful and insightful comments and suggestions. Particularly, comments by Prof. Tsuneo Akaha and Prof. Glynn Wood of Monterey Institute of International Studies, Monterey were encouraging and the suggestions from the Hidekazu Sakai of Kansai Gaidai University, Japan were valuable to improve the paper.
  • The conference covered most of the issues of Asia Pacific development covering social, cultural, political as well as economic aspects. The panel chaired by Prof. Glynn Wood; "Border -Crossing Migration, Identities, and Conflicts in Asia: A Multi-Disciplinary", in which I presented the paper, was interesting as it attracted many participants.

Finally, I earnestly thank to the GIARI and its considerate team for the generous financial support and valuable guidance to conduct this research project. And, I hope to get such supports and guidance in future as well.

Confirmed by person in charge of project promotion