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Waseda University Doctoral Student Network Website Announcement


Academic associations, centers and foundations

  1. Asia Foundation
  2. Asian Institute, University of Toronto
  3. Association of Pacific Rim Universities Doctoral Student Network
  4. Center for Strategic International Studies - Pacific Forum
  5. Centre on Migration Policy and Society
  6. East-West Center
  7. Foreign Policy Association
  8. German Institute for Japanese Studies (Tokyo)
  9. International House of Japan
  10. International Organisation for Migration (Japan)
  11. 21st Century Trust
  12. The James Martin 21st Century School - Migration
  13. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Visualizing History
  14. The Edwin O. Reischauer Institute of Japanese Studies at Harvard University

Academic Associations & Conferences

  1. The Asian Studies Conference Japan (ASCJ)
  2. Asian Studies Association of Australia
  3. Association of Asia Studies (AAS)
  4. British Association of Japanese Studies (BAJS)
  5. Canadian Asian Studies Association (CASA)
  6. European Association of Japanese Studies (EAJS)
  7. Japanese Studies Association of Canada (JSAC)
  8. Japanese Canadian Studies Association
  9. Japanese Studies Association (JSA)
  10. Japan Forum of International Relations (JFIR)
  11. International Communication Association 2009 Conference[pdf]
  12. 2009 Pre-conferences
  13. International Studies Association (ISA)
  14. Imin Seisaku Gakkai (Migration Policy Association)
  15. Japanese Sociological Society

Journals related to Asian including North East Asia, South East Asian, South Asia and other themes:

  1. Japanfocus
  2. Migration information sources
  3. La Revue europeenne des migrations internationales (REMI)
  4. Pacific Affairs